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Wow.. I’m totally crazy today *lol* ๐Ÿ˜€ I just buy 4 new domains today from I do prepare to grown my online business more in other aspect (I’m really serious in adsense! I want more!) Anyway I used 4 hours to get idea and choose an familiar SEO for my domain name ha ha.. here is my new domaaaaaiin welcome my new child! (games site), (not sure about this one, I still look idea for relevant content for it), (free and paid template site), (all about technology reviews! I love this domain name)

Want my tips how do I choose my domain name?
1.I do checking on google, yahoo and MSN live for specific keyword to integrate it on my domain. example keyword: “free money” and I got result with domain name having words near to keyword showing on top list. freemoneycom,,, and bla bla bla.. You got it now?google result

2.I try as possible to get a shortest domain name why? I want people to remember my domain name with easy so they can come back later!

3.Word in keyboard position! remember standard international keyboard! at least don’t to far away from each word in keyboard!
standard international keyboard

4.Hope and little luck… he he he

Good luck on your choice ^^

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communication.jpgWhy translate..? The best way to partnership is to communicate with your partners in their own language. English is standard language right now on this world, but… How many from us can write and understand it in more specific? We live in different country and culture. sometimes it’s not really easy to understand how and what to say in English. I’m proudly as the one! my English still bad until now he he he.. how about you’re wrong understand your about partner say OMG it will become trouble, OoopS! :-p

There are so many free online translator out there example: inbahasa ,babelfish, worldlingo, and many more other website service I can’t write them all in this little pages. Anyway this is based on free service so you can’t get total translation, sometimes it translating not into the point but in subject.

Beside all those free service there is paid services. Iafindia is premium translation service, may some of us asking why we should pay just for translating from other to another language if we can do it for free? Iafindia is premium service, I believe you guys know what the difference between premium and free… the difference is in result quality. Iafindia can translating on major Indian languages, Arabic, Farsi, and English. Translations delivered by email, FTP, and any other method.

Stop lose your partners because you can’t make good communication with them.. *lol*

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Well, I’m still new on this business type but I have success on sold one of my website ๐Ÿ˜€ Sale website or domain name might be good in return for yourself. Example: you buy for only $9.95 then you sale it again after 2-5 years for $9.000.000 WOW it’s really profitable.

It’s very possible when you buy good domain name then you can sold it again for higher price. Peoples loves to buy good domain name for example: 3 digit domain, 5 digit domain, right keyword domain. How to win this opportunity? I hear news a week ago from friends new domain type .asia started and people start to hunted popular domain name because it still new and they can make BIG profit from it. I’m not sure if domain already sold.. he he he.. it might can be sold over million dollars if you get that domain first ๐Ÿ˜€

How about sale website? I think it’s based on your website popularity, more popular you can sell it more higher. Anyway before you put the price to higher or to low you can start to check your website value first on your price not should totally same it just like “range price” you can use to give price for your website.

Where to sell website or domain name? It’s classic question.. do your own search I just can give you three recommended website for sell your website or domain name:


Anyway if you’re like to investing on this business type I prefer you should prepare the money first he he he.. good luck, I hope you success.


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If you’re adsense publisher you might already know about new issues on adsense login. It’s make me frustrated.. why? I have 2 google account first is***[email protected] I used it as primary email based and another one istanto***********[email protected] I used it only for adsense.

Since new changes happen (around 2-3 day’s ago) I’m started confused about it. Every time I login into my gmail account then I want to check my adsense account I always get error messages “This account blablabla” I know it might the best google can do to help we manage everything fast and easy using only one google account but it’s make me really frustrated he he he.. I have to rewrite login and password again and again ARghhhhh!!

I was searching on google and not found any article, link, review, or words can help me to solve this problem. I hope google can changes my adsense login account so I don’t need to rewrite login and password again and again!

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I Just buy this 6235 yesterday from local dealers in here with price $75 or around Rp.730.000 Actually I’m not satisfied with design and hardware this phone offer. I will change it with another type but I like to write review it first for some people who’s might need information for this phone.

This 6235 can be categorized as middle class phone. If this phone needed to compare with older nokia CDMA series of course 6235 better. I said better in where? This phone more stable to be used as modem (compare with older series nokia CDMA). This phone doesn’t have bluetooth connection (the bad thing). Connection only can be done through CA-53(compatible) Data cable and infrared.

About the style? I really doesn’t care about phone style but I can say this 6235 is Enough to fit your style ๐Ÿ™‚ . Simple and clean, The bad thing I hate is the key navigation is to small.. sometimes I made mistakes because this key navigation *LOL* Color is enough, Sound Quality good, Camera bad (in result size and quality)

In total result, for me personally this phone is not good yet.

Nokia 6235

Network Operation: CDMA 800/1900 (R-UIM)


65K color screen
VGA camera with video recording
Streaming video capability
Integrated FM radio
10MB internal memory
MP3 ringtones
IR and USB

Superb Sights & Sounds
Integrated VGA camera and video recorder to record special moments
Video streaming for information and entertainment on-the-go
Tune-in to chart-topping hits with the integrated FM radio
Richer browsing experience with WAP 2.0

Set Your Own Style
Discover more options for work and play with the latest downloadable Javaรขโ€žข applications and games.
Express your mood with a selection of animated screensavers and wallpapers
Use your own voice recordings or MP3/AAC music clips as unique ringing tones

Connectivity & Data Transfer
Digital Rights Management for content protection
High-speed wireless data connections with CDMA 1X
Infrared with picture exchange

Ringing Tones
24-chord polyphonic ringing tones (MIDI)
QCELP & MP3 ringing tones

Volume: 69 cc
Weight: 98g
Length: 105.5 mm
Width 42.3 mm
Thickness: 18 mm

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