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Why? because adtoll will not pay all of clicks you get, if there is no ads available. To bad, most of day on this week there is no paid ads available and I remove them until they make better changes.

Email from Dan to me around 2 days ago…

Istanto, Hi there thanks for the inquiry. There are 3 reasons why in your account area your ad groups display clicks but there are no earnings for them.

1. Your ad group is being served the AdToll default ad as there are no ads currently available to be served. Default ads are designed to entice your users to nook an ad, when they are clicked the user is directed to your rate card on AdToll.
2. Your ad group had clicks on Run of Network Tier 1 targeted ads but the click was from outside a Tier 1 country – Northern America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
3. The clicks were on Sponsored Ads booked on your site which are already paid for as part of the Sponsored Ad booking.

Those are the only three reasons why that happens. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

I’m not anger on it.. but I fell like fools, Imagine how much money I can get from adsense if I got around 30+ clicks daily from one good spot ads position. So I remove adtoll from the good spot position, change it with adsense and waiting until adtoll can serve paid ads daily.

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Computer And Internet

Ha ha, I know it almost impossible to get cheap notebook with rich features on it. Anyway in the past around 6 month ago I hear about ASUS EEE PC which it not to much costly. Price around $199 – $300 and it’s really fits student money.. like me =p

Now the time to buy this notebook has come, ASUS will promoting their EEE PC in Indonesia in the middle of February 2008.. I want to buy one even I already use Hitachi flora.

This notebook is beauty in design, with almost feature we needed on this golden year of internet =p I mean the connectivity hardware and performance ability. This EEE PC will be my dream notebook I really really really want it!

EeePC 701 Specification
CPU: 900MHz Intel Dothan based Pentium M CPU
OS: Linux/ Microsoft Windows XP compatible
Communication: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet; 56K modem
WLAN: WiFi 802.11b/g
Graphic: Intel UMA
Memory: 512MB, DDR2-400
Storage: 4/ 8/ 16GB Flash
Webcam: 300K pixel video camera
Audio: Hi-Definition Audio CODEC; Built-in stereo speaker; Built-in microphone
Battery Life: 3hrs (4 cells: 5200mAh, 2S2P)
Dimension & Weight: 22.5 x 16.5 x 2.1~3.5cm, 0.89kg

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Online Business

Wonderful, and greatest performance from paypal in last 3 years. After I write critique in my old blog around 6 months ago talking about paypal really sucks on service now I think I should rewrite another opinion about paypal.

Of course this is really GOOD NEWS for all Indonesian people, my country has been released from blacklist and I hope it will continue reopen until paypal giving full service for my country and I hope all country around the world, Right now not even 3% from my country people know about paypal and use them service. This is because having internet connection in here to much costly and it need penetration sponsored by TELKOM

In 2010 will be around 67% Indonesian people using Internet and this day is good starts if you want to be in the TOP list (about pyramid scheme), So back to the topic how to withdrawn paypal to local bank on Indonesia?

It’s easy to withdrawn your money but to complete the form you have to follow this step:

There is fee you should know, if you withdrawn money less than Rp 1.499.999,99 (around $160) the fees is Rp 16.000,00 (around $1,6) if more then all those service are FREE

Before withdrawn your money the hardest form is bank code, This is NOT swift code again this is not swift code! after talking with some of friend the bank code is 3 digit of your bank code + 4 digit of your local bank code

You have to know more information from your local bank I have some list bank code in here if you’re not sure or your bank not listed in here better asking them for verification.

Bank code Indonesia

Bank code Indonesia

You have to put your 3 digit of your bank code and 4 digit from local bank code (better you contact your bank to make sure) of for BCA costumer you can check it instantly from here. Let say example my bank is bank Harda and my 4 digit local bank code is 1234, so i write information in the form 125+1234 = 1251234

That’s all and you should waiting until that money arise into your bank account.

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Make Money Online, Short Reviews

Are you looking for CPC alternative beside google adsense? why you didn’t use adtoll! why use only one income source if you can maximize it using two or more ad network as long they not broken terms in each ad network. The key on maximize your publishing earnings is combined the primary ad network with another ad network and of course if you have loyal visitors you can maximized it again using affiliates programs or try to sale product.

Back to the topic, This article will review Adtoll. Adtoll is young ad network (for me personally) but you will find something interest in here. Adtoll owner are good person, I’m not he’s friends in real life but I fell he’s good person. 2 month ago I joined Adtoll until today they grown performance are EXCELENT.

Adtoll are monster right now, the rival of other ad network. what the secret behind it? “Innovative” Adtoll ads looks different with other ad network and it almost can be changed looks like not ads specially the banner ads. The reason I used they beside they my secondly ad network they performance is not so bad because those ads looks “secret

Beside that CPC there is booking ads feature on there, advertiser can booking ads on website they choose easily. the publisher can set the price using their own price or using Adtoll smartprice. Anyway IF you want to advertise on some of my site with CHEAP price you can booing it from here:

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Short Reviews

How many of us hearing and know about pay-ads?Âpay-ads isÂCPM networks will pay around $3.50 for 1000 impressions. Beside that high rate CPM there is something bad behind it…. tested and verified by some friends, pay-ads will cheating you.. first they not record all impressions, secondly they redirect your visitor into bad website, some friend alsoÂhas clarify pay-ads spreading anÂvirus.

The bad bad badÂthing will happen is your websiteÂwill got banned from google search engine thinking about it how much visitor you will loose if you keep use pay-ads. I’m not joke I was used them for around 2 month in my forums and when I checked google has banned my url from direct access and give warning toÂourÂvisitor with words like this:

This site may harm your computer.

Now we all know, google hate pay-ads and if you want to keep your visitor grown stop using pay-ads, still there another CPM network clean and available out there.

Note: For every website owner better remove pay-ads now and waiting until google remove the ban.

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