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domain parking ilustration parked domain and get paid, how it can be? basically it’s back again on one billion dollar business, “Advertising” Yes, you get paid when there is someone clicking ads on your parked domain. The success key on this dog business is dog traffic.

Some of my dog friends using dog method and make internet become trashy place.

Classic method maybe similar like this… those domain planned to be parked will have content for 6-12 month to get it indexed on major search engine, once the domain owner feel enough he will started parked that dog domain. The new method more strength and useful.. domain owner will advertising to get traffic but of course they target is profit, so? publisher will lose their earning because this dog advertiser. Another method is that domain planned to be parked will have similar name with success domain name like… or.. or.. etc.

Make it simple, example: let say I want to parked domain, I advertising on PPC and make rate price per click as low as possible so I still can reach that profit. Smart advertiser know how he can advertising on google adsense or any place to advertising and pay $0.01 per click. Again.. this dog advertiser make publisher lose everything. google adsense or any network ads should take seriously on this dog advertiser it will make less publisher available if they can’t control this dog advertiser.

I have asking one of my friends who have success doing this dog business, I asking are he profitable every day, month, year and the answer is YES wow he’s income stable and always profit so I think he will continue doing this dog business until there is new rules out.

You really want to know how much this dog advertiser earn? see on this dog earning reports..

domain parking earning screenshot
Where is the place that will pay you for parking domain? here I have 3 list available.. maybe not enough.. if you want to make it complete just send me messages for domain parked list and I will add it into this list.

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Computer And Internet

Last night one of my costumer on cybercafe complaint to me….. she say can’t opening her important document files and I look on it.. I’m not surprised…. kspoold.exe is infected on her flashdisk, all important document changed to executable files.

We talk for a moment then she asking me to help her get that document files back again. first I said can’t, because I’m not already seeing hex code on that infected files and of course because I’m lazy boy.. :p but she keep pushing me and said she will pay me to get that important document back.

*laugh out loudly – this is evil business*

Again google search always help me on my work, I do searching about restoring infected document and found this nice program. you can download and use it for free at your own risk. This program can get your document files back and remove the virus in one way.

Download Here

Document Restore Program Screenshot

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Computer And Internet

Just a few days ago I found this virus process on my computer server, it’s make my server running slowly and make my server as boot flooding zombie. I know it after autokill my IP address with reason flooding network.

Kspoold.exe virus is not totally broken your computer and very easy to remove I rate it as low risk virus, but.. if you let it stay for a days the virus will checking for any shared folders on your network and make clone on other computer in same network. And the bad news… This virus will change all yours office document files with extension .DOC .XLS .MDB .PPT and you can’t get your document back without this 3rd party tolls, if you’re in big company this is serious problem.

How to remove manually Kspoold.exe virus

First This virus have to be shutting down, Kspoold.exe is running as windows service.

  • Open service manager by click Start Run, type: services.msc, then enter.
  • Find service with name K Print Spooler, Watch out for Print Spooler service do not wrong.
  • Images 1
  • Double click on that service . The new window will open with label : K Print Spooler Properties (Local Computer)
  • Click on tab Log On
  • Images 2
  • Click option This Account, type username .\Guest, without password (let it blank)
  • Click Disable button to stop virus process running on computer background.
  • Click Apply button, then click OK.
  • Click on tab General.
  • Stop proses by click Stop button.
  • Images 3

And this virus now not running on your computer. Last step is going to your %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\ and find file with name kspoold.exe delete it.

Optionally you don’t need to remove this line from your registry to stop the virus infected your system in the future.

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\kspooldaemon
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Services\kspooldaemon
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\

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Short Reviews

Agloco DeadMany of us got fools by Agloco

I’ am the one, after a years joined and waiting for Agloco programs they called it viewbar advertising which we will get paid by using Agloco viewbar to look on ads viewing on Agloco viewbar. After a month joined I seen Agloco have bad performance like delayed on release they little viewbar, always change they rules every month and many more. Until now.. Agloco officially dead

How it can be happen.. Learn it.. First Agloco is economic network mean, it will not success without members and advertiser, Agloco doesn’t have power advertiser to pay all Agloco members. This is the false management by The AGLOCO Development Team or one person behind it who fools us called Brian. Kumiko has write about her analyze about Agloco false programs on her blogs before Agloco false.

Agloco dead not make my monthly income dead but in moral I feels like cheating my referrals by given them promised to waiting.. they might not believe my words again. So now I’m learning before going to joined some affiliates better see they review first or we will lost our time.

Agloco Is Dead

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